The California Center for Sustainable Communities (CCSC) is a statewide University of California collaboration, funded and supported by the Public Interest Energy Research Program of the state Energy Commission. The Center conducts work on topics important to the transition toward greater urban sustainability, bringing together the leading edge researchers and centers from across several campuses. CCSC provides research, insights, data, methods, models, case studies, tools and strategies to address land use and transportation challenges facing California communities, and serves as a resource for policy makers, stakeholders and the residents of the state. Our mission is to assist the state’s communities in the transition to greater sustainability on multiple fronts.

The Center is housed at UCLA and is a collaboration between the UC Berkeley’s Center for Resource Efficient Communities, UC Davis Extension’s Land Use and Natural Resources Program, UC Davis’ Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Center, UC Davis’ Center for Regional Change, and UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability.


  • Urban Metabolism methods and quantification of L.A County.
  • Integrated social-biophysical research on human environmental interactions and their impacts and feedback loops.
  • Social justice and urban environmental sustainability through revitalizing and renaturalizing the urban environment.
  • Research and analysis of systems of governance and government for democratic accountability and greater sustainability.
  • Energy Systems and California Communities.
  • Analysis of L.A. County’s water governance system, with a focus on management and distribution.